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Demographics and outcomes of surgically treated right sided colon cancer in India: a 9-year single institution experience
Joshua Franklyn1, Rohin Mittal1, Tunny Sebastian2, Benjamin Perakath1
1Department of Surgery Unit 2 (Colorectal Surgery)
Christian Medical College, Vellore
2Department of Biostatistics,
Christian Medical College,

Corresponding Author
: Rohin Mittal
Associate Professor
Department of Surgery Unit 2
(Colorectal Surgery)
Christian Medical College,
Tamilnadu 632004


Background: There is sparse Indian data on right colon cancer. Available literature suggests that it affects the young and survival is poor.

Aim: This article reviews demographics and outcomes of surgically treated right sided colon cancer over a nine year period in a single colorectal unit in a tertiary care teaching hospital.

Methods: A retrospective review of all patients undergoing right hemicolectomy for adenocarcinoma of the colon between January 2004 and December 2012 was undertaken. Data was collected from hospital records and telephonic interview when possible.

Results: Two hundred and thirteen patients were studied. Mean age was 49 years with 57.1% being 50 years or younger. Stage 1 disease was seen in 9.9%, stage 2 in 35.2%, stage 3 in 42.3%, and stage 4 in 12.7%. Follow up was available for 81.6% with a mean follow up of 35.6 months. Five year disease free survival (DFS) and overall survival (OS) was 81% and 74%. Presence of lymphovascular invasion and age >50 years were predictors of poor survival. Poor prognostic features on histopathology were not different between the young and the old. The 5 year DFS was similar in both, but the 5 year OS was better for the young (90% vs. 73%, p=0.029).

Conclusions: Patients with right colon cancer are younger in India. They have similar histopathology when compared to the older population. Operable right colon cancer has an excellent prognosis. Five year DFS is similar in the young and the old, but OS is lower in the older population.